We apologize, but iPhoto has changed, and the links do not currently function properly. We are updating the iPhoto links.

The iPhoto download is available directly from this link:  http://classic.dotphoto.com/iPhotoPlugin.asp

Click on Add in the left column and choose Photos.

In Upload options, choose Export from iPhoto.  (If you don't see multiple options, go back one page and click on Upload Options in the upper left.)

Please make sure your dotPhoto username does not contain any spaces or special characters or the plug-in will not work correctly.  For instance:

THIS WORKS:  tomsmith
THIS DOES NOT:  jack smith  (There is a space in the login.)

To change your dotPhoto username:  sign-in to your dotPhoto account, select the My Account tab from the top navigation, then click Account Information, change your Username and click Save.