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How to make photo books at dotPhoto

dotPhoto provides five different ways to make photo books. It's a little confusing, but we'll try to clarify all your options here.

Use the photos in your dotPhoto account OR on your computer

1.  To use the photos in your account, click on the Shop button, and choose Photo Books and then Build EZ-Book. The benefits of EZ Books are (1) they are relatively easy (2) they are often less expensive and (3) you can use the photos already in the account. The disadvantages are fewer design options and sizes.

2.  dotPhoto also offers a specialized book service at  Many people consider these books to be the best in the world. You can sign into this site with the same dotPhoto login and password, but you must first download your photos from dotPhoto or use the photos already on your computer or mobile device. (Below, we describe a simple way to gather photos in your account, and use them on provides four different ways to make a book. One of these is a book design service that saves time and produces beautiful books. is an upgraded replacement of the site that dotPhoto once operated.

Step 1 for ANY dotPhoto book: gather your photos together

The best way to create a photo book is to gather all the photos you want to use into one album. This is especially helpful if you have lots of dotPhoto albums. Simply choose your favorite photos and copy them into a new album, which you will use to make your book. (You don't have to use all the photos you choose, but it is still helpful to choose photos first. Also, you can always add more later.)

  1. Start a new album called, for instance, SummerBook2015. In the left column, click on Organize and then Create New Album.
  2. Choose your photos: go to your other albums, select pictures by clicking the check boxes below each picture you want, and choose Copy from the Organize menu. Finally, choose the name of the album where your are gather your photos -- for instance, SummerBook2015 -- and click the copy button below. Keep choosing photos until you have gathered together the ones you want. If you're making an EZ Book, go to Step 2.

Step 1.5 -- Moving photos to

If you are using photos that you already have on your computer, you can skip this step: simply upload straight to from your computer. However, if you want to use photos from dotPhoto, you can download the photos that you have gathered, and upload them to  To download, go to your new book album, select all photos, and choose Download from the Organize menu on the left. More on downloading here.

Step 2 for EZ Books:  choose EZ Builder from the PhotoBooks menu

Once you have your photos together, choose Photo Books from the Shop menu.

dotPhoto offers three kinds of EZ Books.  Each includes 20 pages with the option to add up to 40 more pages to a maximum of 60 pages.  The paper is 100 pound gloss, premium, acid-free archival quality, and the bindings are sewn.  Current pricing for photo books is available here:  Additional pages are $1.99 for each 2 pages.

Choose your book size in Select Product in the upper left, then choose the Album with your books pictures on the right. Drag each picture to the page where you want it to display. Save your project periodically, and, when you are ready to print, delete multiple copies of your project: this prevents you from printing the wrong project and getting the wrong book. dotPhoto does not refund or reprint books because we provide every opportunity to proof your book before submitting it for printing.

Step 2 for choose one of four services offers four ways to create high-quality photo books. All are free to use, so you can try them and pay only when you order your book.

  1. Download our free design software for your computer running Windows, Mac or Linux. Designing a book on your local computer is faster than working over the Internet. This is our most immersive, customizable and powerful personal design experience.
  2. Try our Design Service where our professional designers create a book for you (no charge until you approve the design.) The Design Service saves time and provides beautiful books designed by people dedicated to book design.
  3. Try our new FAST Online Bookbuilder. For a quick book designed online, our FAST Online Bookbuilder is best.  Upload the pictures you have chosen for your book, and let the Online Bookbuilder do the rest.
  4. Build a book on your iPhone or iPad for the best mobile book-building experience.

Drag and drop pictures into place, and insert captions as required. When you are finished designing your book, proof it carefully before submitting for printing.

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