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How to make dotPhoto books

Make it fast with our free book design software -- or let us design it for you.

The dotPhoto Design Service

The dotPhoto Design Service saves time and provides beautiful books designed by people dedicated to book design. Try the dotPhoto Design Service where our professional designers create a book for you. There is no charge for the book or the service until you approve the design.

Make your own Photo Book with our FREE Software

Many people consider the books at to be the best photo books in the world. You can sign into this site with the same dotPhoto login and password, and download our free book design software. Creating a book on your computer, iPhone or iPad is the fastest and most flexible way to design a book because you are working with powerful local processors and are not working with graphics across great distances. You will find the dotPhoto Book Design Software to be the fastest, most flexible way to design a book.

Gather your photos together.

You can use the photos that are already on your computer, or download the photos you want to use from your dotPhoto account.
To download from dotPhoto, simply choose your favorite photos and copy them into a new album that you will use to make your book. (You don't have to use all the photos you choose, but it is still helpful to choose photos first. You can always add more later.)

  1. Start a new album called, for instance, SummerBook2016. In the left column, click on Organize and then Create New Album.
  2. Choose your photos: go to your other albums, select pictures by clicking the check boxes below each picture you want, and choose Copy from the Organize menu. Finally, choose the name of the album where you are gathering your photos, and click the copy button below. Keep choosing photos until you have gathered together the ones you want.

To download, go to your new book album, select all photos, and choose Download from the Organize menu on the left. More on downloading here.

Design and print your book.

Drag and drop pictures into place, and insert captions as required. When you finish designing your book, proof it carefully and submit for printing.

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