operates well on Android phones. You can also use our mobile app or use a free FTP upload service.

How to upload directly with dotphoto on an Android phone

               >> Make sure your wifi or data on your phone is turned on!

Install dotphoto Mobile or search for dotPhoto Mobile in the Google Play store.

You can also install a free FTP app on your phone and send your photos to your dotPhoto account.  

Here are two we have tried.  Prior to October 2015, we recommended AndFTP, but it has become rather slow to load:

Turbo FTP

  • Install this free Android app from GooglePlay:  Turbo FTP client (by Vlad Mihalachi).
  • Set up dotPhoto as a host:
    Connection name:  dotphoto

    Username:  <your dotPhoto username>
    Password:  <your dotPhoto password>

    Port:  21
    Default remote folder
    Encoding:  ansi
    Connection Type: FTP

  • Tap the disk picture at the top of the screen to save your preferences.

  • Tap on the word dotphoto to connect to the site.
  • Tap the + sign in the lower right to choose files
  • Tap Use the Storage Access Framework to find your pictures on your phone
  • Tap on pictures to upload them to the FTP Upload album in your dotPhoto account.


  • Install this free Android app from GooglePlay:  AndFTP.
  • Set up dotPhoto as a host:
    Type: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    Port:  optional (default is 21)
    Username:  <your dotPhoto username>
    Password:  <your dotPhoto password>
  • Browse for photos, which are often in the DCIM and Camera directories.  
  • Tap the photos you want to upload.  A check mark appears on each one.
  • Tap the Upload button.
  • After photos are uploaded, tap the OK button.

Your photos are uploaded to your dotPhoto FTP Upload album.  You can rename the album under Organize or copy the photos to other albums.  dotPhoto will create a new FTP album each time you upload.