After you sign into your dotPhoto account, you will find yourself on the main album page. You can also reach the album page at any time by clicking on the MyAlbums button. Note the "breadcrumbs" below the Albums button: these show you exactly where you are. In this case, you are on the BillionDollarArtGallery album under the MyAlbums page.

Each Album is represented by the first photo in the album. To choose a different photo for the first page of your album, use the Sort Album feature from within any album. Click here for info on the Sort Album feature.

Private Albums display only to you and to guests with that album password. Within your own account, private albums display with a padlock; private albums are not displayed to guests who do not have passwords for those albums.  Passwords can be set from within an album under Album Settings on the Organize tab, and multiple albums can have the same password so that they can be shared as a set.  For instance, if you applied the password 123XYZ to 3 of your 20 albums, any guest signing in with your login and the password 123XYZ would see only those 3 albums PLUS any non-password protected albums. To fully lock down your account, apply an account-wide guest password that is required for anyone to view your photos in the My Account / Account Information settings.

Each album also has an Album Name that can be changed from within an Album in Album Settings under the Organize tab.  You can also see the date on which the album was established and the number of photos in each album.

To see any album, click on the first picture of that album in the MyAlbums page. The breadcrumbs in the upper left corner will display the name of that album.

To go back to the MyAlbums page, you can use any one:

  • Click on the Albums button
  • Click on the MyAlbums link in the breadcrumbs
  • Use your browser's back button.

To delete an Album:

  1. From the MyAlbum page, select the album or albums.
  2. From the Organize tab, choose Delete.
  3. Confirm your intent to delete by clicking OK.

How to share from the MyAlbum page

To share all your albums, choose from the icons on the upper right.

The first icon (the sharing icon) lets you copy the album link that you can paste into your email, web site, discussion board, or anywhere you want to share on the web.

The second icon (the envelope) also provides access to major email services including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail (see #1 below). 

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