Why a Club Plan?

dotPhoto is the wholesale club for printing, saving, sharing and selling your photos.
dotPhoto Club members get free shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more, plus everyday low prices on prints, books, posters, frames, and every kind of custom photo merchandise. Our competitors triple their prices and then promote "30% off!" At dotPhoto, you don't have to wait for a sale: you get low prices, free shipping, unlimited storage, uploads of 20MB per image, a photo editing service, phone support, a personal photo web site, the ability to earn money by selling your photos, video sharing and much more. Here's what dotPhoto will NOT do: display advertising or harass you to buy, buy, buy. Your membership fee supports a more pleasant and more economical imaging experience -- a great way to share your photos and videos, and a great deal every day.

Upgrading a current account

Sign in to your account, click the down arrow on the upper right next to your account name, and choose Upgrade.

40 dotPhoto Benefits

dotPhoto is the wholesale club for saving, printing, sharing and selling your photos.  Only $1.67 a month!
  • Wholesale Pricing: 8¢ 4x6s, 57¢ 5x7s, and 99¢ 8x10s
  • Wholesale pricing on hundreds of unique products
  • Free Shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more
  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Earn extra money for yourself or your organization
  • Priority FAQ, email, and phone support
Better sharing Better privacy Better printing Better selling Better saving Better Support Virtually everything you could want from a reliable, wholesale photo site.  

The dotPhoto Club provides a better photo experience because we don't have to push sales and ads when you are trying to organize and share your photos. 

Want to know more?If we're missing anything here, please email BetterFAQs@dotphoto.com