You can edit a photo in many ways: enhance, crop, rotate, fix blemishes and red eyes, adjust color, add frames, add text, paste on stickers and more.

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To edit a photo

  1. Sign into your dotPhoto account.
  2. Click on an album and then a photo.
  3. You will see the editing icon -- a pencil -- in the upper left.  If you do not see the editing icon, you are signed in as a guest. (Guests cannot edit other people's photos.) If you are the owner of the photo and do not see the editing icon, you may have mis-typed your password: sign in again.
  4. Click on the editing icon

  5. On the editing screen, (1) choose a tool in the editing bar at top (2) if required, zoom in with the magnifying glass (3) if you make a mistake, use the undo/redo arrows in the lower left and (4) when you are finished, make sure you save your work. The tool illustrated below is Stickers -- the last one on the right. If you don't see the tool you want, use the right and left arrows on each side of the tool bar to scroll.

  6. When you save edited files, you can replace the original or save a new image. The new picture is saved next to the original so it's easy to find and compare.

  7. Not sure which tool is right? Just try one! You can always hit the undo button if you don't like the result, and you cannot hurt your original file in the editing process.  If you choose to save a duplicate, the edited version saves immediately after the original photo in your album, so you always have both the original and as many edited copies as you like. You can save more than one edited copy like this: