We like to think that dotPhoto is the best deal in the world for storing, printing and sharing photos. Thousands of people use our plans, but sometimes our plan members print less than they used to and want to change to our popular Club Plan, which provides free storage and many benefits for only $19.99 annually (see below). Sometimes people just want to cancel their accounts.

dotPhoto's Club Membership provides many key benefits including:

  • Free Shipping on all orders over $9.98 including photos. 
  • Everyday low prices on photo merchandise -- lower than 'Fly and 'Fish and you don't have to wait for a sale
  • Priority Phone Service for Club Members
  • Larger file size uploads (16MB jpgs vs 6MB)
  • Unlimited photo storage and free photo web site
  • No advertising in Club accounts
  • Make a free photo web site -- we'll even set it up for you!
  • Use dotPhoto like DropBox to share files with friends.
  • Easy album download feature (retrieve a whole album of stored photos)
  • Much more - click here for details.

We are always building new features to enhance the dotPhoto Club. Annual membership is only $19.99

To modify or change your account

Please let us know if we can fix a situation or a feature that will improve your dotPhoto experience. If you would like to cancel your account, please email support@dotphoto.com with your login information and your desire to either change your plan to a Club Plan or cancel your account.

Backing up photos prior to canceling a plan

You can download photos by album or buy an SD card of all your photos by clicking here.

Want to know more?

Please email BetterFAQs@dotphoto.com