How can I print a panorama, a square, or virtually any shaped print at dotPhoto?

A panorama is  usually an image that is much wider than it is tall.  Panoramas may also be any photo that you have taken with your camera's panorama feature to gather more of the scene, so you might have a large square image or a tall, vertical image. The printing technique described here will also print the complete image in any cropped photo without a white edge or loss of image.

1. Select the image you want to print by clicking on the select box in your album. 

2. Tap Shop at the top of the page.

3. Choose any of the Custom shops, or type "custom" in the search box, and choose, say, Custom Laminated Posters.

4. Tap the green Create button, and then choose the kind of custom item you want to make. 

5. If you are making a simple print, choose the size you want and Add to Cart.

If you choose laminate, canvas, or frames, you will have other options.

Custom Panoramic Frames

Custom Panoramic Laminated Posters

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