Let's say you see something you like on the web, but it's a small image. First, you'll need a high resolution image to print well. Ideally, if you're printing something 6" wide, you want the width to be 1800 pixels (6" x 300 dots per inch). 

1. Find a bigger image.

Save a JPG of the image on your computer. Go to this simple web site, which searches billions of images and orders them from largest to smallest.


When you find a large image you like, right-click and save the image.

2. Download a tool that will enable you to cut out the background.

We like Paintshop Pro. It's an older product, but it's simple and works well for this.  Here is a free download:


3. Select and copy the element you want to save.

This involves selecting the blank space and then inverting the selection. In the example below, (1) choose the magic wand tool (2) click the magic wand in all the white areas while holding down the shift key, which keeps ALL the selections and (3) from the Selections menu, choose  Invert.   Now click on the Edit menu and Copy

4. Paste as a new image, and save your art as a PNG file.

  • From the Edit menu, choose Paste as New Image.
  • Choose save and set the File Type to PNG.