Why is the online book builder preview different from my edited book?

Building a book in the online book builder is convenient, but can be somewhat problematic because a LOT of graphics are going back and forth between your browser and the servers. We asked the programmers why the online book builder sometimes shows black rectangles and does not center images in Preview mode -- despite the fact that the photos have been centered and look perfect in the builder -- or in editing mode.

The response:  "This is a known problem. The preview can tend to not display some images correctly as it can struggle downloading high resolution files. As long as it is displaying correctly in the editing mode it should come out correctly. Ask t the customer to provide their order number once they have placed the order, and we can check their book has come through correctly."

If this makes you uncomfortable, you might try building a book on your own computer or tablet where there is no transport issue between the editor and the preview.  Just download the dotPhoto Book software here:  http://www.dotphotobook.com/design-software.html

You can also download your photos from any dotPhoto album to use in your book.  Here's how: