I designed a dotphoto book for someone and I want to share it with them electronically before I order it to make sure that everything is OK. How can I share a photo book electronically?

Book software is designed for printing.

The book software is optimized for printing because that was the original goal of the software. However, your can share electronic versions of books by either sharing your original files or making a video of a preview of the book.

Make a video of the preview

Make a video of turning the pages of the book in the preview mode. Your friend can stop the video to inspect pages.

Either use your camera phone to capture an image of your screen or, for better resolution, use free screen capture software to capture whatever you see on your screen.

For Windows:  CamStudio Free Download

For Macintosh: Quick Time Player   You probably know Quick Time Player is the default Mac video player. You can also use Quick Time Player to record screen captures: go to File > New Screen Recording.

Share your original files

This is more difficult because you'll need to supply passwords and large original files, but your associate will see exactly what you see.

If using the desktop photobook software

Find the files on your computer

Send the data files, and ask your associate to download the dotphoto book software.

Provide the password so that your associate can open your project.

If using the online photobook software

Provide your associate with a sign-in and password for your account. We do not recommend this because all of your photos and data are vulnerable, so you should only share your full account with people you trust completely.

When they are signed into your account, they can open your book project to review it.