dotphoto Mail-for-Me Cards
We'll print, seal, stamp and mail your card for only $1.99!

Send customized cards from your desk!

Club Member Price: Only $1.99 including envelope, stamp, and mailing.

Move between front, inside, back and envelope elements

Choose the down arrow in the upper right of the card builder.  The "Envelope" only appears on Mail for Me cards.

Choose a photo

  1. Tap on the images tab.
  2. Tap Albums.
  3. Tap the photo of your choice.

Enlarge or shrink your text

Use the slider located just above the text box to make your text fit the box. For a lot of text, make it smaller by sliding left. For just a few words, slide to the right to enlarge the text.

Upload your signature as a photo, and add it to the signature block at the bottom of the front page to sign your cards. More info on signatures We'll help you make a signature block, too.

Set up your envelope

  1. Choose Envelope in the upper right.
  2. Copy and paste your return address into the text box (or just type it.)
  3. Tap Next for the next text box, and enter the "To" address.

dotPhoto will print the card, seal the envelope, add a stamp and mail the card for you.

Add the Card to Your Cart

We suggest you also save as a project by clicking on the Save project button in the upper right corner. Then click the green Add to Cart  or Order More Items buttons and check out of your cart.

Looking for Mail for Me cards?

Go to the dotPhoto Shop, and search "mail".

With dotPhoto Mail-for-Me Cards, you can design, customize, sign, and mail a 5x7 greeting card without leaving your desk. Using the tabs in the Card Builder, choose a Design in All Occasions, Mother's Day, Happy Birthday or another categoryAdd your photos, and the text for each page of the card.