You have reached this page because you installed the Print Money Plugin on your WordPress site and clicked on the Plugin Homepage link. Here on the plugin's Home Page you can review what the Print Money plugin does and how you benefit from having it installed on your website.

What the Print Money plugin does.

The Print Money Plugin enables your site to sell products decorated with any photo on your website on which the Print Me button appears. One caution, If the original photo is not large enough to print, it will not display a Print Me button when a visitor hovers over it and products will not be able to be decorated with that photo.

Before you can get paid you must first set up your dotPhoto account

Print Money is a dotPhoto service. Once you've installed the plugin you have to join dotPhoto, free of charge, so that you can tell us how to pay you. Once you are a dotPhoto member, you can also choose which products to sell and you can set your own prices. (We have already chosen default products and prices, but you can change them after you become a member.)

Clicking the green button below will take you to the dotPhoto join page. Fill in the fields there and continue through the process. Once you've joined we'll know who you are and you can then tell us how you wish to be paid. You will then be all set to receive payments when visitors to your website click on the Print Me button and order a product decorated with the clicked on photo.


Once you've joined dotPhoto by creating an account you can check your earnings and have them paid to you. See this support page to learn how to checkĀ check your earnings and get paid.

How do I choose products?

How do I set prices?