WordPress offers many plugin tools for creating photo galleries. However, a simple gallery tool that works with Print Money is already built into WordPress.

Here is how to set up a photo or image gallery that works with the Print Money plugin:

  1. Go to an existing page or post -- or set up a new Word Press page.

  2. Click on the Add Media button.

  3. Click on the Create Gallery button.

  4. Choose your photos by either (1) uploading new photos or (2) choosing photos that are already in your Media Library. To select a photo in your Media Library, click on the Media Library tab and click on a photo you want; a check mark will appear in the upper right for that photo.

  5. The photos you select are lined up at the bottom of the page. When you're satisfied with the photos you have selected, click on the Create a new gallery button in the lower right.

  6. Edit Gallery is the final step before inserting your new Gallery into your page. Here you can remove a photo from the Gallery by clicking on the X, change the order by dragging and dropping images, reverse sort the images by clicking on the Reverse order, change the number of columns, and more. 

  7. When you're ready, click on the Insert Gallery button in the lower right. Don't forget to Publish or Update your page in order to save your work!

  8. If you ever want to Edit your Gallery, simply click on an image, and then click on the pencil to back to the Edit page.

Click here to download the Print Money plugin.