How do I make a card? (Or Valentine, Christmas, birthday or other card)

It's easy to make a single 4x8, 3x5 or 5x7 folding card for Valentine's Day. Here's how:

  1. Sign into your dotPhoto account.
  2. Choose Shop, then the Card Store, and then 3x5 or 5x7 folding cards. To find anything fast in the store, use the search box in the upper left.

  3. Choose a card design from the menu on the left. Tap Designs, then a design group from the menu below, and then the design you want.

  4. Tap the Images button, choose an album, and choose pictures for your card. You can either drag-and-drop a picture to a window on the card, or tap the card window and then tap the picture. It may take a moment for the picture to appear in your card. Once the picture is in the card, edit it by tapping on the picture. This produces the Edit Photo menu illustrated below that enables you to zoom in, apply a filter, rotate or remove the photo from that window.

  5. If you card has text options -- for instance, to change a year or the name of family on the card -- tap on the Text button, and change the text boxes. There may be more than one text box on a card.

  6. Once you are finished with the front of the card, choose the inside of the card from the menu in the upper right. Click in the open space in the inside to add your message. (Later, you will click on Add to cart to buy your card.)

  7. Write your message. Try different fonts. We like National Archive because it's readable. After you add text, highlight it to change fonts, sizes, underlining, and aligning. Click on the Done button when you have made your choices.

  8. When you're finished, tap on the green Add to cart button at the top right, and send your card. If you want to finish your cart later, tap on Save Project.