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As of December 8, 2019, dotphoto introduced a new calendar maker that...

  • Creates traditional 8.5" x 11" 12-month calendars with photos on top and calendars below
  • Accesses photos from your dotphoto albums or from your phone or computer
  • Enables you to add multiple photos in any size to the photo page
  • Enables you to add events to any date
  • Enables you to add text boxes, choose fonts, and outline text
  • Spiral bound with paper that is easy to write on.


The Calendar creator is not yet part of the project system, so you must create a calendar in one session. Leaving the calendar before placing your order will lose your work. This is easier if you you get your photos together before working on your calendar:

  1. Create a new album called My Calendar using the Organize Create Album command.
  2. Copy photos from your other albums into your My Calendar album by selecting the thumbnail and then using the OrganizeCopy command.
  3. You may want an extra photo for your cover, or you can use the same cover photo that you use for one of your months. Note that you can also select multiple photos for any month.

Once you have chosen your photos, the process of creating a calendar is fairly fast.

To select photos

Choose the photo icon in the upper left, and then choose My Device to upload from your phone or computer or the dotphoto icon to use your photos on dotphoto.

How to add photos from your dotphoto albums or from your phone or computer

Your most recent albums will display. If you just created a My Calendar album, you will see that first. Tap on an album.

Tap on a photo. It should jump to the calendar page on the right. If not, tap on the photo box on the right first, and then tap on the photo again.

To make the photo occupy the entire page or to change its shape, tap the photo and then tap the Transform button.

Grab a corner of the photo, and drag it to the bottom of the page.

To add another photo to a page
Tap the Add Empty Photo Box at the bottom of the image column. An empty photo box will appear on the photo page. Tap the empty box, and then tap a new photo.

A cover with multiple photo boxes:

To add and change text boxes

Tap the TEXT icon. Change the font, size, color and style of the text.
To make text stand out against a photo background, choose an Outline. (See the year text above.)
To add another text box, tap the Add Empty Text Box button at the bottom left.

To move to another page

Tap the controls at the bottom of the display. Photos are on the top; calendar pages are on the bottom.

To add an event to a page

Tap a calendar page, and tap the Events button at the bottom

Tap on a date, enter or delete text, and then tap the DONE button in the upper right.

Your text will appear at the bottom of a calendar date like this: