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Two Kinds of Calendars

  1. Easy Online Calendars  Drag-and-drop pictures from your online albums into simple, easy-to-make calendars.
    Our classic 8.5" x 11" 12-month and 18-month calendars on quality card stock. Start on any month -- even in the middle of the year. 
    Make them fast, and save money with our best-priced calendars.
  2. Highly Customizable Calendars with our Free Software that you make on your computer or tablet with our free design software that you can download FREE here. Because you are working locally with processing power and "heavy" graphical files, it is easier and faster to move graphical elements, and the design software can be much more flexible, responsive and functional. Choose from different form factors, and add notes, birthdays, and special messages in any date.
Easy Online Calendars  
  • Choose the 12 or 18 month calendar, and then drag-and-drop photos from your online dotPhoto Albums. Club Members get free shipping on all Online Calendars.
  • Pick from multiple designs, colors, and page layouts. Online calendars are flexible and fast.
  • Save Online Photo Calendars as projects so that you can finish them over multiple sessions.
  • Calendars can start in any month.
  • Spiral bound with paper that is easy to write on.

Highly Customizable Calendars with our Free Software

FREE Download Design Software

FREE Design Software for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iPhone or iPad

  • Download free design software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone or iPad
  • Use photos on your device, or download photos from your dotPhoto Club account

Download Free dotPhoto Calendar and Book Design Software
Adding photos on your computer to your calendar

Portrait Wall Calendar 8x11

Portrait Wall Calendar 12x16

Panorama Wall Calendar 11x8

Classic Wall Calendar 8x11

Desk Calendar 12x4

Kitchen Calendar 5x12

Appointment Calendar 12x4