Custom Pricing enables you to earn monthly commission checks. Sell your photos at your prices to online customers via your dotPhoto account.

Your commission is calculated as:

  • Your Custom Price
  • Less Credit card fee: 3% of total purchase price
  • Less dotPhoto item price
  • Your Commission is 85% Share of Net

For example, let's say that you're selling a 4x6 for $4.98 and that the current price for 4x6s is 8 cents. The credit card fee for the transaction is 3% or 15 cents. You would earn $4.04 on that sale.

  • dotPhoto processes all direct deposit and check payments monthly at the end of the current month when commissions due have reached a minimum of $20. Please allow 2-3 business days to receive payment. A $2 processing fee is assessed for specially requested payments of less than $20.
  • The effective date for which commissions become payable is 30 days from the date of order shipment; payments are held for 30 days after initial shipment to clear returns and refunds. Your account may note, "Guest orders pending": this means that you have orders that have not yet reached the effective date. Commissions on pending orders will be paid in the next payment cycle.
  • You must enter your correct and complete mailing address under MyAccount or dotPhoto will be unable to send you checks
  • Only guests will see and be charged the prices set in Custom Pricing. (You or anyone you authorize to use your Master Password will see the dotPhoto standard pricing)
  • To set prices quickly, click Set Suggested Prices
  • To turn off this feature, click Set to No Markup