dotPhoto offers two ways to create a calendar:

1. Fast, low-cost 12 and 18 month calendars on

2. More complex styles on including the ability to add dates with event descriptions and photos

NOTE: 4/6/18 Microsoft Edge does not run the calendar builder correctly; it does not display albums. The solution is to use the Chrome browser.

1. 12 and 18 month calendars on

In your dotPhoto account, click on Calendar under the Shop menu.


These 12-month or 18-month calendars can be designed by dragging and dropping photos from your dotPhoto account.

Printed on 8.5" x 11" card stock, these calendars can use full size photos at a 1.3 aspect ratio; alternatively, you can choose templates for each month and drag multiple photos into the templates.

  1. Choose a month and year to start.  Make sure to choose the current year.
  2. Choose a design template. 
  3. Drag and drop photos from your album on the right into the template in the center.
  4. Enter text wherever you see a "T" in a caption.

3. Drag and drop photos from your albums on the left into the template in the center.

A. Choose the month or cover.  MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE A PHOTO FOR EVERY MONTH!

B. Choose the Images tab and the album you want to use.

C. Choose your photos. Your can drag-and-drop photos from the bar on the left, or you can click in the center and then click on the thumbnail of choice in the left. Note in this image that the center image (C) is selected and that one of the thumbnails is checked.

D. Use the Edit menu to zoom in on your photos.

4. Enter Text for captions.

A. Choose the Text button, which only appears if there are text options on that design page.

B. Choose the text box to modify. There may be more than one.

C. Fill in the text you want. Just put your cursor in the box and start typing; you do not need to highlight the sample text. Use the zoom button above the text box to enlarge; the right and left arrow keys provide more control on the zoom


When you are finished, save your project in case you want to make changes later. When you are ready to order, choose the green Add to Cart button. You may need to tap the Order more items button to return to the the Add to Cart button.

2. Advanced calendars with more styles and options on

Creating a calendar has a number of complex steps, but you can save your Project and complete it later. You may also want to print this FAQ for reference. Save your work periodically to ensure that, if you're interrupted, your work will be preserved

Choose your calendar type.

Click on the calendar of your choice. dotPhoto offers various sizes and styles. For instance, the 8x11 Family Calendar provides a grid for tracking your family's schedule.

Click the Create Now button.

Upload your photos.

The new calendar builder does not use photos in your dotPhoto account, so you will need to upload new pictures. Most people upload at least 13 photos -- one for the cover and a different photo for each month. If you want to use photos already in dotPhoto, you can download them using dotPhoto's Download feature.

Click on the Upload Photos icon. During the upload process, you can choose individual photos from your albums by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the photos you want.

Pick photo for each month

  1. Select each month at the top of the screen.
  2. Drag-and-drop photos from the left to to the designated spots in the calendar design. (To "drop and drag", click on the image, hold down the mouse button, pull it over to the calendar, and release the mouse button.)

Position and re-size the photo by clicking on it.
This will produce the Edit image screen. Click and hold the image to move it around. In the example below, we moved the faces into the narrow rectangle.

Edit Layout for any month.

You can also change the number and configuration of photos on any calendar page.

  1. Click the Edit Layout button on the right.
  2. Scroll up and down the Layout selection page to choose the photo layout you prefer.

Pick a background color.

Click on Change Color to pick one of 60 background colors.

Add to cart & Preview your order

When you have finished setting up your calendar, click the Add to cart button in the lower right. This launches a Preview mode that enables you to see how your printed calendar will look. 

If you have missed a section or want to change anything, close the Preview, finish or adjust your calendar, and Add to cart again. Then complete the payment process.

Don't forget to save your calendar as a project.

Save your project frequently in case you are interrupted. This will ensure that all your work is saved, so that you can return to it any time in the next six months. Whether you are printing now or will finish your project later, SAVE YOUR PROJECT. Click on the Save button in the lower right and name your calendar.

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