Your SD Card is warranted for 30 days from shipment. It is not meant to be a permanent memory tool, so please save a copy of your SD Card files on another form of media.

If your SD Card does not read on your computer, try these:

Insert the card in another computer and use a standard file tool to inspect the files.

Try removing the microSD card with your thumbnail and sliding it back into the larger SD Card. "Re-seating" the card may allow it to be read.

Remove the microSD card and try reading it on a phone or other device that accepts microSD cards. The photos are actually stored on the microSD card; the larger card ensures that you can read the memory on other devices.

If the card cannot be read, please return it in a #10 envelope to:

ATTN: SD Card Returns
P.O. Box 276
Pennington, NJ  08534

We will inspect the card and issue you a new one.