We like to think that dotPhoto is the best deal in the world for storing, printing and sharing photos. Thousands of people use our plans, but sometimes our plan members print less often than they used to and want to change to our popular Club Plan, which provides free storage and many benefits for only $19.99 annually (see below). Sometimes people just want to cancel their accounts.

To change your dotphoto account to a Club Plan

Contact dotphoto by calling (609) 608-0640, emailing dotphoto at support@dotphoto.com, or creating a help ticket here: https://dotphoto.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

If you have a Family, Pro or other monthly account that includes credits, you can keep your existing credits (they will expire on their normal 12-month schedule if you do not use them). Your new Club Plan will be billed once annually at your next monthly period, and you will not be billed again for your membership plan for another 12 months. Be sure to include the name of your dotphoto account (your login.)

To cancel your account

Please let us know if we can fix a situation or a feature that will improve your dotPhoto experience. To cancel your account:

  1. Delete the photos and videos in your account. To delete your account, choose Select all at the album page, and then choose Organize and Delete from the menu in the upper left.
  2. Contact dotphoto in one of three ways: call (609) 608-0640, email dotphoto at support@dotphoto.com, or create a support ticket here: https://dotphoto.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new  Be sure to include your account name and your desire to cancel your account.

Backing up photos prior to canceling a plan

You can download photos by album or buy an SD card of all your photos by clicking here.

dotPhoto is the wholesale club for saving, printing, sharing and selling your photos.  Only $1.67 a month!

  • Wholesale Pricing: 8¢ 4x6s, 57¢ 5x7s, and 99¢ 8x10s
  • Wholesale pricing on hundreds of unique products
  • Free Shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more
  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Earn extra money for yourself or your organization
  • Priority FAQ, email, and phone support
 Better sharing Better privacy Better printing Better selling Better saving Better SupportVirtually everything you could want from a reliable, wholesale photo site. 

We are always building new features to enhance the dotPhoto Club. Annual membership is only $1.67 per month ($19.99 billed annually.)

The dotPhoto Club enables us to provide a better photo experience because we don't have to push sales and ads when you are trying to organize and share your photos. Our goal is provide a safe forum for your photos and the best value for photo printing.

Want to know more?

Please email BetterFAQs@dotphoto.com