If you like sharp photos, glossy prints look best. If you are framing your prints under glass, use glossy prints with standard glass for the sharpest photos.

Matte prints and non-glare glass dull the image, but matte is terrific for prints that you want to pass around because matte resists fingerprints.

So... for art photos, always use glossy prints framed under standard glass. 

If (like this writer) you want to soften your look, maybe try matte!

How do I select matte or glossy?

A single order can contain only one paper type of small print -- that is, prints from 3x5 to 8x10.  Posters and other products can be designated as matte or glossy when you create the product.

In the dotPhoto cart:

  1. Click on Print Options
  2. Choose Glossy or Matte
  3. Click the Save button
You can also change the paper type in the checkout confirmation page.