A resolution warning appears as a red triangle in the car, and indicates that a picture may be too small to print, or that you may not be satisfied with the print. 

Resolutions warnings appear because a picture that looks fine on a screen may look blocky when produced on a larger print. For instance, Washington's face above may look like this:

Some images are so small that they will be automatically removed from an order. For instance, a 320 x 240 image will not be printed on a 4"x6" print.

Resolution warnings give you a chance to take action before placing your order. You may:

  • Confirm your order despite the resolution warning. If you approve the low resolution print, and do not like the results, you will be obligated to pay for the printing.
  • Go back to your cart, and remove the image from your order by clicking on the delete button (the trashcan icon.)
  • Upload a larger image, and print that instead.
  • Choose a smaller size print -- for instance, print a 4x6 instead of an 8x10, or an 8x10 instead of a 20x30 poster.
  • If you are making merchandise, you might choose a collage design that uses multiple images. This enables you to keep your small image, and also choose others that may all print well because now you have multiple small images in the same relatively large space.