dotPhoto is adding cards like this one with a signature.  The signature is really a picture that you can keep in your account, and add to cards that have a signature block.

4x8 Card4x8 Custom Card

Interior of 5x7 folding Custom Card

How to make a signature that fits into a dotPhoto signature signature block

  • Sign a piece of paper, and scan the paper or take a picture of it with your camera phone.
  • The signature block is 540 dots wide by 209 dots tall for the 8"x4" card shown above, and is 800x300 dots for 5"x7" folding cards.
  • Save as a JPG and upload to your dotPhoto account -- perhaps to an album called Signature.

What if I don't want to add a signature?  Use a blank block.

Sometimes our cards check to make sure that all the photos are filled. Since the signature looks like a photo to the machines, add a blank signature block if you're going to sign the cards yourself. The is a blank signature attached to this FAQ for your convenience.

Help me make a signature block!

Send your account login and your scanned signature to  We will make signature blocks for you and upload them to your dotPhoto account in an album called Signatures.


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