Why can't my guests see my albums in dotPhotoPro.com?

  • As a professional photographer, you can share your photos on dotphoto.com, dotphotopro.com, or your own website (the dotPhoto mywebsite feature):  yourlogin.dotphoto.com
  • If your albums cannot be searched on dotPhotoPro.com, you probably have need to establish a price plan for your photos in MyAccount.  If you do NOT want to establish a price plan, you can (a) establish a price plan that only marks up items by 1 cent (b) delete the price plan and share only through dotPhoto.com
  • If your guests cannot see photos, you might also delete the guest password on your account In MyAccount or delete the passwords on your albums. 
  • Click for the expanded search at dotphotopro.com:  http://dotphotopro.com/pro/Customers.asp