Many newspapers, pro photographers, and web sites sell prints and merchandise through dotPhoto. Here is how to order as a guest.

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You can order as a guest. You do NOT need to join dotPhoto.

However, if you join dotPhoto, sign into your account, and then go the guest album, you will get free economy shipping on any order over $10.
Note that the prices of the photos are set by the photographers who own the photos. When you are ordering from a guest album, you will pay the prices set by the owner.

How to order as a Guest

The order process involves adding the prints and products you want to the cart, and then checking out.
Most web sites that sell through dotPhoto have a link from their web site that says something like this:

Clicking on the link will take you to the pro's dotPhoto album page. 

1. Click on the album you want (often the most recent), and you will see images like this. Choose the photos you want to purchase by selecting the check box below each image.

2. Choose Shop from the left menu, and choose the item you want to purchase. If you don't see the item you want, tap on Browse Store to see more items such as Photo Packages.

3. Choose the item that you want to purchase, enter quantities, then Add & Checkout. 

4. In the cart, you can click on each image and modify the cropping so that your image will appear correctly on the item that you choose. Grab the cropping window to move it. When satisfied, click the Save button. If you have multiple pictures in your cart, click on each one to inspect the cropping. What you see in the cart is what you will get on your prints.

5. When you are satisfied with the items in your cart, click on the Checkout button, and complete the shipping and payment forms. Click on Next to move to the next form.


Please note that the last screen asks you to confirm your order. This means that you agree to purchase the quantity, glossy or matte attributes, sizes, cropping, and whatever other decisions you have made about your order. Because our customers want their orders processed quickly, it is impossible to stop or edit an order after it has been placed, Please consider the confirmation screen carefully before confirming the order. At that point, you still have the option of going back, changing your order, and returning to the end of the order process.

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