How can I upload as a guest to my friend's dotphoto account?

First, your friend must have established an album with guest uploading capabilities. Tap here for more information on how to choose guest upload on any dotphoto album.

Second, you will need the name (login) of the account, and, possibly, the guest password. Most people do not require a guest password, but, if one has been established, you will need that, too.

The guest upload ONLY allows you to upload. You cannot delete photos once they have been uploaded. This ensures that a group of people can contribute photos to an album, but only one person (the album owner) controls the editing. 

Uploads can be up to 20MB in size, and should be JPG, TIFF or PNG for best results.

1. Sign in as a guest.

On the sign-in page, enter the account name. If there is no guest password, leave it blank. Tap the Guest Sign In button.

2. Find the album for the guest uploads.

Most albums do NOT allow guest uploads. Find the one your friend has set up. It may be called Guest Uploads or My Guest Uploads. Tap on that album.

3. Tap the Upload button.

If you have chosen a Guest Upload album, the Upload link will appear in the upper left. If Guest Upload is NOT available, you will not see the Upload button.Tap the Upload button.

4. Tap the Add Files button.

Tap the Add Files button, and select the files you want to upload.

5. Tap the Stat Upload button.

Your files will be uploaded to the Guest Upload album.