How can I crop a photo? How can I change from landscape to portrait (horizontal to vertical) or vice versa in the editing tool?

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The dotPhoto Edit feature can perfectly crop a photo to almost any size, and can turn the cropping window from landscape to portrait or from portrait to landscape. This is a useful feature for a special photo. (You can only edit photos in your own account; you cannot edit photos that are owned by another photographer.)

To crop a photo

dotphoto works with PhotoPea, a powerful online photo editor. 

  1. Sign into your dotPhoto account.
  2. Click on an album and then a photo.
  3. You will see the editing icon -- a pencil -- in the upper left.  If you do not see the editing icon, you are signed in as a guest. (Guests cannot edit other people's photos.) If you are the owner of the photo and do not see the editing icon, you may have mistyped your password: sign in again.
  4. Click on the editing icon

  5. If you see the PhotoPea logo, click on it once to get to the edit.
  6. On the editing screen, choose the cropping tool in the editing menu on the left framed in red here:
  7. To complete the cropping, (1) click on the photo and drag the lower corner until you have selected the area to crop (2) confirm the cropping area by clicking on the check box (or choose the X to try again) and (3) choose File and Save in the upper left.
  8. Both the original and cropped images are saved in your dotphoto account. The cropped image is saved as a new photo immediately after the original image.

  9. Made a mistake? You can always undo what you try with either CTRL-Z or choosing the Edit and Undo from the menu at the top.

How can I change from landscape to portrait (horizontal to vertical) or vice versa in the editing tool?

In the example below, we show how a landscape photo is edited so that it can be printed as a portrait.  The main idea is that you can change the cropping tool from landscape to portrait by cropping to a size that is taller than it is wide.

1. Click on a photo and then click on the pencil icon to edit the photo:

2. Crop in the Photo Editor. (1) Tap the Crop button (2) Drag in the sides of the photo area to narrow it. (3) Choose Delete Cropped Pixels (4) Confirm   TO SAVE: Choose File in the upper left and then Save. dotphoto saves a NEW version of the photo -- you will still have the original file.

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