The dotPhoto Edit feature can perfectly crop a photo to almost any size, and can turn the cropping window from landscape to portrait or from portrait to landscape. This is a useful feature for a special photo. (You can only edit photos in your own account; you cannot edit photos that are owned by another photographer.)

In the example below, we show how a landscape photo is edited so that it can be printed as a portrait.  The main idea is that you can change the cropping tool from landscape to portrait and back by tapping in sequence on the tool.

1. Click on a photo and then click on the pencil icon to edit the photo:

2. Choose the Crop button in the Photo Editor.

3. Cropping is all about getting the correct ratio: choose the ratio that matches the size photo that you want to print. For instance, a 4x6 photo requires a 2:3 ratio (double those numbers to get 4:6, which is the same ratio as 6:4.)  A 5x7 print requires a 7:5 ratio. An 8x10 photo can use both a 5:4 or 10:8, which are the same ratios. A poster that is 20x16 can also use a 10:8 ratio. Once you choose the ratio you want, you can move the print area around by clicking and holding in the middle of the area. You can also make the area smaller by clicking and holding on a corner. Note that if you crop too small an area, you may not have enough pixels to print a large size. When you are satisfied, click on the Apply button in the upper right and then Save the cropped photo.

Cropping a photo will not change the original photo. When you Save the cropped version, you will have copy that is perfectly cropped for the size you want. Print the copy (not the original.)

4. What if I want vertical cropping -- not horizontal cropping as shown above?

Click on the 10:8 cropping tool again. The boxes will spin 90 degrees and display vertical cropping like this:

Now click the Apply button,  Save a copy and Print your vertical image

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