How do I link to dotphoto and get paid when someone joins?

Use a coded link to link dotphoto to your web site. Whenever someone joins dotphoto, we will put a $5 money credit in your account.

How it works

Email us at with your dotphoto login and the subject "Send my dotphoto link!"

We will create a code that you can use in a link like this:

Use that link on your web site to direct people to dotphoto.

Our system tracks the origin of people who join dotphoto, and will pay you $5 for each new member.

The fine print

A new  member is a Club or other annual member who has remained past the 30-day trial period.

The $5 is paid into your account as a money credit that you can use any time in the next 365 days; the credit expires after 365 days.

You can see your money credits in the MyAccount section.