If I accidentally upload the same photo twice, will there be a duplicate? How can I make a copy of an image?

Modified on Sun, 26 Nov 2023 at 08:42 PM

If I accidentally upload the same photo twice, will there be a duplicate in my album?

No. If it is truly a pixel-to-pixel duplicate, dotphoto will only upload the photo once -- even though the same photo has different names.

If you want the photo to appear in multiple albums, you can use the Organize | Copy command to place the photo in multiple albums. You cannot copy the same photo to the same album, place the same photo in the cart twice, or apply more than one title to the same photo.

How can I make a copy of an image so that I have different titles?

If you change the image by even one pixel, it becomes a different photo. This can be helpful if, for instance, you want to repeat a photo in a slideshow. If you want an identical photo to appear twice in an album, you can increase the size of a photo be 1 pixel in the dotphoto editor.

1. Tap on the photo, and choose the pencil icon in the upper left corner to edit.

2. Choose Image and Image Size

3. Add 1 pixel to the width or height. In the case below, the size has increased from 2500 to 2501. The image will appear to be identical, but it will be a different photo to the dotphoto system. Tap the OK button and then File / Save to save your copy, which will appear as (Edited) in your album. You now have two versions of the same photo.

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