Let's say you select all photos in your album and you add them to your cart. You have 120 items in your album, but only 100 items appear in your cart. What happened?

1. You have duplicate photos in your album with different names, and dotphoto has only added only one photo to the cart.

dotphoto looks for photos that are pixel-to-pixel identical; that is, if only one dot is different, two photos are NOT identical. However, dotphoto does not put duplicate photos in the cart because -- generally -- our customers have told us that they do not want duplicate photos. If our customers want more than one of a photo, they will increase the quantity. 

2. You have short videos in your album; dotphoto does not add videos to the print cart.

You CAN print video images, but there are two issues: video images are lower resolution than photos and you may want an image from inside the video rather than the opening image. Your video prints are unlikely to be as sharp as your photos, but you can do a screen capture of your dotphoto video, use external software to "up-size" it, and then upload the image to your dotphoto account. 

Tap here for how to print photos from videos.

3. You may not have selected ALL the photos in your cart.

After you select all photos, scroll to the bottom of the album to ensure that all photos were actually selected. 

4. Your album has more than 1000 photos. The dotphoto cart handles A LOT of photos, but the limit is 1000 at a time.

If you have more than 1000 photos in an album, tap Organize, then Create Album, and Move some of your photos to the new  album.

Still wondering?

Contact dotphoto with the name of your account and your album. We'll take a look.