A picture is the property of the photographer, so dotPhoto is designed to protect the original photos of photographers unless they are selling downloads of the image. In order to buy a download of the original photo, the photographer must have selected "Downloads" from the many products that dotPhoto sells. Not all photographers want to sell their original files, so, if you are trying to buy the file, please contact the photographer if you do not see that the download is available for purchase. Professional photographers set their own prices for downloads, but the minimum download fee is $2.

Note that files that are watermarked with the word "Proof" on the screen will, if you purchase a download, NOT be labeled with the watermark. The watermark is there to protect the screen image.

The download feature is available only to dotPhoto Club members.

A member of the service can share a download link for an entire albumĀ by right-clicking on the download button, copying the link, and sending you the link in an email. The shared download link will expire in two days.

Click here for the standard download procedure.

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