How do I make a dotphoto photobook?

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More information about the photobooks

Download a PDF of the Guide to Creating a dotphoto Photobook

Three Sizes: 8.5"x11", 12"x12" or 6"x8"

Finish: Glossy 

Covers: Durable Hard Covers with photos front and back or wrapped around front to back

Pages: 20 pages per book. Add up to 40 more pages for a total of 60 maximum pages.

Quality: 100# premium, acid-free, archival quality paper

Free Economy Shipping

Special Features

  • Autofill automatically adds your photos to pre-formatted pages. Make a book in moments!
  • Works on phones, tablets and computers in the browser
  • Wrap a photo around the cover
  • Add the book's name to the spine
  • Spread a photo across two pages
  • Add photos wherever you like
  • Add photos from your dotphoto account, your phone, your computer, or another device
  • Add text wherever you like in multiple fonts and sizes

IMPORTANT: Please use the Chrome browser when building books 

Choose the size of your book

  • Tap Shop at the top of the page, choose or search for "book".
  • Pick the size of the book that you want.

Add photos to your book from your dotphoto albums

dotphoto displays the most recent 25 albums. Tap on the album that want, or, if your album is older than the most recent 25, go back to your albums by tapping on Albums. Then create a new album by tapping Organize command on the left and then choosing Create Album (perhaps name the album MyBook). Collect your photos in the MyBook album by finding the photos you want in other albums and choosing Organize and then Copy to copy photos to your new album. Alternatively, create a new album and copy all the photos from another album to your new album using the Organize and Copy commands.

Add photos to your book from your phone, computer or another device

You can also add photos to your book directly from your phone or computer. Run on your device, and upload your photos by choosing My Device. If you have already started a photobook on another device, save it as a dotphoto project on the other device, open the project on your phone, and upload photos directly from your phone. Of course, you can also upload photos directly to the dotphoto album you are using for your book.

How to make a photobook in 9 steps

1. Choose the book size and glossy/matte paper type from the dotphoto store.

2. Pick a dotphoto album with at least 21 photos: one cover photo and 20 pages

3. Choose Select all in the upper right corner.

Each page of the book is filled with a photo.

4. Tap CUSTOMIZE MY BOOK in the upper right corner.

5. Choose a front and back cover

The front cover is the first photo. You can keep the photo that has been selected, or tap the photo to product the edit menu, and then tap the trashcan icon to remove the current cover. Then tap the photo you want to select it as the cover photo. Next, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to go to the back cover. Tap the photo section, and tap a photo to choose for your back cover.

6. Add a title on the spine and to your front cover.

7. Preview your book to make sure you have everything you want.

Tap on PREVIEW in the upper right corner. Flip through your book to proof it before ordering.

8. Tap the ADD TO CART button next to the the PREVIEW button to order.

9. Add your address, pay for your book, and place your order.

Choose matte or glossy at when selecting your book

Select the paper you prefer when you select your book type. The default paper is Glossy; books with Matte paper are named. For instance: 6x8 Photo Book Matte

Matte finish paper has a dull coating applied to the paper surface that yields a non-shiny, smooth finish that some people prefer for color contrast and text clarity.

How to stretch a panoramic image across a cover or two pages

1. Add a wide photo to the cover or a two-page spread.

2. Tap the BACKGROUND icon.

3. Tap the SPREAD icon to spread the photo over two pages. When you spread across the cover, the photo will also cover the spine of the book.

How to change the size of a photo

Tap on the photo, and tap the TRANSFORM button.

Tap, hold and drag a corner of the photo to enlarge or reduce it.

Tap and drag the arrow at the top to turn the photo.

Tap and drag a tab on any side to shrink or enlarge that side.

Drag the 4-way arrow in the center to move the photo.

How to add a new photo

1. Tap on the photo button.

2. Tap in a blank spot on the page.

3. Tap the green ADD EMPTY PHOTO BOX button.

4. Choose a photo by tapping it.

5. Grab a corner to re-size the photo.

6. Grab the center 4-way arrow to move the photo.

How to add text

1. Tap the TEXT button.

2. Tap the green ADD EMPTY TEXT BOX button.

3. Enter text.

4. Change text size, bold, color, and font.

5. Grab the text box and move it to where you like.

How to move, add and delete pages

You can move sets of two open pages by tapping the REORGANIZE button.

1. Tap a set of two pages.

2. Drag the two-page spread to a spot between other pages until a vertical blue bar appears. When you release the pages, they will move to their new position.

3. To add blank two-page sets, tap the PLUS button. To delete a two-page set, tap a two-page set, and then tap the TRASH CAN button.

Save your book as a project on dotphoto

You can save your book design as a dotphoto project so that you can work on it over multiple sessions. You can also use a project design as the basis for your next book.

To retrieve a book project, tap on the down arrow in the upper right and choose My Projects.

Tap on a book project to open and edit it.

Download a PDF of the Guide to Creating a dotphoto Photobook

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