Let's say you find a photo that you'd like to quickly paste into dotphoto. You can copy the photo, go to the dotphoto album where you want to paste it, and edit any photo. Since dotphoto keeps the original copy of every edited photo, create a new photo with File | New | Create and Edit | Paste. Then File | Save the photo, and you'll see it in your album.

Pasting directly into dotphoto enables you to collect albums of images that appeal to you as you would in Pinterest. With dotphoto, though, it's easier to share. Just send an album link to your friends that they can open immediately. Your friends won't have to join to view your photos.

Illustrated Procedure

1. Right-click copy the image that you want to paste.
2. Go to the album where you want to paste the photo, and edit any photo in the album by tapping the pencil icon in the upper left.

3. File | New | Create

4. Edit | Paste

5. File | Save

6. The image appears next to the photo you had just edited with the same name. To rename images in your album, tap Organize, then Edit Titles.