How can I send a letter from dotphoto?

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Why send a photo letter?

People often don't respond to emails. We get so many emails that we cannot keep up with them. We change our email address, ignore emails, or our email system shunts your message into an unmonitored even though you might be a good friend.

At dotphoto, when we want to remind people that they have photos in an abandoned account, we sometimes send a photo letter. A dotphoto letter often reaches people who can no longer receive emails. Also, your can send a note right from your desk that is printed on photographic paper and stands out from other mail. 

How to send a photo letter through dotphoto

There are two ways to create a photo letter:

  1. Using dotphoto's image editor, create a text and photo message, and send it by mail.
  2. Using your own desktop software, create an image of a JPG that fits a 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10. Upload it to dotphoto, print and send. You can also write a letter in your word processor, capture it on your screen, and send it as a photo.

How to create a photo message with dotphoto's image editor

Tap on any photo in any album, and choose the edit icon (pencil) in the upper left corner. You are going to create a NEW image that will NOT erase or modify the image you chose.

Choose File, then New from the File menu.  Multiply the print dimensions by 300; for instance, 7 inches = 2100 pixels. In the example here, the dimensions are 2100 by 1500 for a 7" x 5" print. Set the DPI to 72, then tap Create.

To add text to your note, tap the T (text icon) in the menu on the left, and set the Size at the top to 40 px

Tap the cursor in the white space, and type your note.

Save your new image by tapping File and Save. You can edit this file again, and also add photos as we will below.

To add a photo to your 5x7 note, tap on any photo and copy it from the screen.

Edit the note you have started by tapping the Edit icon (pencil), and then tapping File and Paste, and place the photo.

After placing the photo, your 5" by 7" note looks like the example below. Tap File and Save to save your completed photo. Now you can order this picture as a 5x7 and mail it to your friend through dotphoto.

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