How to place a 3x5 photo on a 4x6 print

Modified on Sat, 02 Dec 2023 at 02:34 AM

While dotphoto no longer prints 3x5 photos, it is possible to place a 3x5 image in the corner of a 4x6 print, so that it is relatively easy to cut or slice off two sides with a paper cutter. 

How to place a 3x5 on a 4x6 background with the dotphoto editor

  1. A 3x5 is actually 3.5" x 5".
  2. The best prints result from 300 dots per inch (dpi), so you want to get your 3x5 image to that resolution.
  3. This is a geometry problem, but it is relatively simple. This illustration shows the width and height of each image in dots, or printed pixels.

Create your 3.5" x 5" image at 300 dpi

  1. Sign into your dotphoto account.
  2. Click on an album and then a photo.
  3. You will see the editing icon -- a pencil -- in the upper left.  If you do not see the editing icon, you are signed in as a guest. (Guests cannot edit other people's photos.) If you are the owner of the photo and do not see the editing icon, you may have mistyped your password: sign in again.
  4. Click on the editing icon

  5. Select the portion of the photo that you want to print. 1. Choose the cropping tool. 2.Grab the cropping bars at the touch points to move them. 3. Select Delete Cropped Pixels to remove the remainder of the photo (this will NOT delete the original photo - you will save a new edited copy.) 4. Select the Check box.

  6. Set the width to 1500 dots (5" x 300).  1. Choose Image from the top menu line, and then Image Size. 2. Set Width to 1500. 3. Set DPI (dots per inch) to 300. 4. Tap OK.

  7. Set the height to 1050 dots. An image rides on an imaginary "canvas" background. In this step, cut the canvas height to 1050 dots. 1. Choose Image from the top menu, and then Canvas Size. 2. Set the Height to 1050 (3.5" x 300 dots). 3. Tap OK. Now you have a perfect 3x5 image to print, but we still need to put it on a 4x6 canvas.

  8. Put your 3x5 image on a 4x6 canvas and save it to your dotphoto account.  1. Choose Image and Canvas Size. 2. Set the Anchor in the lower left corner. This will put your 3x5 in the lower left of a 4x6 canvas. 3. Set Width and Height to 1800 and 1200 dots. These are the print sizes for the 4x6 canvas. 4. Tap OK.

  9. Save your perfect 3x5 on a 4x6 background by tapping File and Save. This will NOT change your original image. You will find your new image with two white sides in your account with a name of [original name] - EDITED.  The 

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