Can I sell digital downloads?

Yes. Users can search for your photos and buy them as high-res downloads for whatever price you set with a minimum of $1 per download.  Not all pros wish to allow downloads; you can turn off digital downlaods on your My Account page.  

The hi-res digital download is one of the products in your custom pricing;  if you prefer not to sell digital downloads, un-check the box next to Digital Downloads.

Pricing Digital Downloads

There is a 25 cent cost of goods on downloads because we do a lot of support with customers buying downloads. They don't understand the idea in the same way that they understand printing, and they tend to lose the download links we send, so we often talk with them several times. If you sell a download for $2, there is a 3% charge for the credit card and a 25 cent cost of good deduction. You earn 85% of the remainder, or $1.44. Your proportional earnings increase as the price goes up.

To sell digital downloads

1. Go to MyAccount by clicking the down arrow next to your sign-in, and choose MyAccount

2. Choose Selling Your Photos and Set Custom Price Plans

3. Choose Edit Plan or Add New Plan

4. Scroll down to dotPhoto Services and set a price for Hi Res Downloads. The price must be a minimum of $1 each.

5. After setting the price, scroll to the bottom of the price section, and click on Save Changes

Where are my digital downloads?

If you purchased digital downloads from a professional photographer who sells digital downloads on dotPhoto, we will email a download link after your payment; click on that link to receive your downloads. If you did not receive the email, you may have entered an incorrect email address or the email may be in your spam file. To receive another copy of the download link, please send an email to with your order number, email address, or other information that will help us find your paid download order.

Why can't I buy digital downloads?

Not all photographers want to sell their original files. If your photographer does not offer to sell digital downloads, we cannot help you. Please contact the photographer directly.