dotPhoto no longer offers photos on CDs or DVDs because they are expensive to make, fewer people are using them, and you might not have access to a CD or DVD drive someday when you want to see the photos.

However, you can order all your files on SD cards on the schedule below.

Club Members can also download all photos by album at no charge. Click here for info.. The dotPhoto SD card is simply offered as an easy way to periodically back up an entire account.

Each SD card includes a micro SD, which fits in many phones, and a full-sized SD Card adapter for computers and cameras.

dotPhoto file service
on microSD cards with SD card Adapters
1-100 $14.99
101-500 $19.99
501-1000 $24.99
each additional 1000 photos $ 7.99
Free Shipping --
 Non-member Free  $15.00 (Free for Members)
Depending on file sizes, order may include multiple SD cards

The SD Card Backup is a dotPhoto Club Member Service. Non-members, please add $15.

To order your photos on SD cards, please mail a letter containing 
  1. The login of your account
  2. Your name and address
  3. A check for the full amount of the order made out to Scorpio Photo, Inc., our parent company.  

Send the request to:

ATTN: SD Downloads
PO Box 92
Titusville, NJ 08560

Please allow four business days for handling.