How do I order a poster or wall art? What are the differences between posters and wall art?

dotPhoto offers three types of posters plus a custom frame store with unlimited, sophisticated framing options:

Standard Posters: our most economical, large-size prints

Rolled Posters: rolled, laminated, enhanced matte paper plus panoramic sizes like the 10 x 25 and 24 x 60 sizes

Framed Posters: Inkjet enhanced matted paper, laminated and mounted to masonite, and framed in a wooden box frame. Includes a hanging kit.

German Etching Paper on 1.4" Standouts  Lightfast, acid-free, and crafted to resist deterioration for centuries, the distinctive textured surface is made from 75% cotton and 25% high alpha cellulose, and mounted on a 1.4" black standout base.  More on German Etching Paper

Custom Framing Store: the most sophisticated custom framing service on the Internet. More info on Custom Framing

How to Order Posters Overview

  1. In the dotPhoto Shop, choose the kind of poster you want: low-cost prints, rolled posters, or framed posters with multiple photos.
  2. Drag your photo or photos into the poster designer.
  3. Position and adjust your photo(s).
  4. Add your design to your cart.
  5. Go to your cart and checkout.

What is the optimal resolution for the size of my poster?

Step-by-Step Wall Art Order Process

  1. Click on the SHOP button at the top of the page.

  2. Choose the type of poster or wall art you want. (Standard Posters are least expensive, but framed posters enable multiple photos per poster. The dotPhoto Frame Store provides custom framing services with the ultimate sophistication -- and you can see how your framed print will look before you buy it. More info on Custom Framing. )
  3. After choosing your poster, choose Create to continue.
  4. Choose the poster size and print style you want from the list.

  5. Some posters (but not all) have designs that enable you to put more that one image on a poster. For instance, the 20x30 poster will enable you to add up to 12 photos on a poster. Under the Design tab, choose either Photo Only (one photo for your poster) or multiple photos in Misc.  In Misc, drag down the scroll bar to see many design choices.


  6. Click on the Image button, choose Albums, then the Album of your choice. To add a photo to the poster, (1) click on the frame or spot where you would like the photo to appear and (2) click on the picture you want in the columns on the left. The photo will appear in the poster, but may require editing to fit properly in the frame.

  7. Click on the image in your poster to make the Edit menu appear. You can zoom in or zoom out on photos, drag them in every direction (if they are large enough), change colors, rotate and delete photos. When making a poster, be careful about zooming in too far because you may not have the resolution for a good print after you zoom in.

  8. Add to Cart  You can also click on Save project if you want to return and work on your project later.

  9. Choose View cart  in the upper right corner.

  10. Choose the green Checkout button in the upper right of your cart to select a shipping option and pay for your order.

    More info on the dotPhoto Cart