Panorama Posters at dotphoto

  • Up to 42" wide
  • Your choice of multiple sizes
  • Laminated for durability
  • Custom-cut to your aspect ratio -- not limited to standard poster sizes.
  • Also print vertical panoramas, squares, and every shape in between.
  • Optimal resolution: 6000 pixels on the longest side
  • Also available in custom frames with mats and your choice of glass

Sizes: dotphoto's Custom Panoramas are cut to your design Sizes are automatically configured based on the aspect ratio of your image. For instance, if your image is 6000x2000 pixels, the aspect ratio is 3:1. You can choose from 10"x3", 16"x5", 20"x7", 24"x8", 36"x12", and 42"x14".

HOW TO ORDER: Before selecting the product, select the image you want to print by clicking on the select box in your album.