dotphoto operates well on both iPhones and Android devices. Here's how to upload directly:

Emailing or messaging photos to your dotPhoto account

You can send photos from iPhones and Android phones to your dotPhoto account by 

  1. Adding your phone's email to the dotPhoto MyAccount section under Camera Phone Upload Settings
  2. Using the message feature of your phone to send photos to  (After you type once, it will be there for future use.)

dotPhoto will notify you when your photos have been successfully uploaded.

dotPhoto for iPhones

Because of the way that iPhones handle photo attachments, the phone upload feature works only with the iPhone messaging function -- not with Gmail or another email system.  Click here for more information on iPhones.

What is your phone's email address?
Most phones have an email address like  That is the format for Verizon phones, but you can easily discover your phone's email address by emailing a photo from your phone to your own email address. Your phone's email will be the return address on the email that you receive.

Preparing your dotPhoto account to receive photos from your phone
  1. Click on MyAccount
  2. In MyAccount, click on Camera Phone Upload Settings  in the lower right.
  3. Enter your camera phone's email.
  4. Click on the Change/Submit button.
Can I have more than one phone attached to my dotPhoto account?
At this time, only one phone can be attached to an account. However, you can change the phone in MyAccount at any time.

Can I attach my phone to more than one dotPhoto account?
No. When photos arrive at, dotPhoto routes the photo to the account connected to the sending phone's address. Of course, you can move the phone to another dotPhoto account at any time by deleting and saving the phone's email address in the MyAccount section of one account and adding the phone's email address to another dotPhoto account.

What about videos?

The new version of the site does not currently support videos, but we are considering adding short videos again. If you would like to share short videos, please tell us about your requirements at

Want to know more?

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