Where are my Android photos?

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UPDATED 8/26/21 - See more Android screens below.

Here is the main FAQ for uploading photos from your phone to dotphoto:


Finding your photos on an Android phone, though, is sometimes mysterious. Android phones can store photos and images in many places: on your SD card or in your phone's memory, in the camera folder and often in the DCIM folder within your camera, in the Photos file, and in order by old-to-new or new-to-old. Most phones have their own peculiarities, but, once you find where your phone likes to keep photos, it's easy to upload them. Here are a few hints:

After you tap the Add files button, you may get a screen like this with new options at the bottom. The camera button enables you to take a photo and upload it immediately. If you have more than one file handling program, you may see two options. We like the blue Files program on the bottom right.

The next screen you may see has two useful features. The first is the arrow on the right: if this arrow points down, you'll see your most recent photos, which are probably the ones you want to upload. If the arrow points up, your photos could be buried beneath a stack of hundreds of pictures. Tap the arrow until it points down to show your most recent photos.

Also note the word camera.  Tapping that can take you to your screenshots or other areas within your phone.

You may see a screen with thousands of photos scrolling downward seemingly forever. dotphoto can upload about 1000 photos at a time. 

To pick more than one photo at a time

  1. Swipe your finger up the screen to scroll to the photos you seek.
  2. To select many photos at once: (1) hold your finger down on the first photo without lifting it up -- usually on a photo on the left side of the screen (2) without lifting your finger off the screen, drag your finger to the right and stop, (3) again, without lifting your finger, move your finger down to the bottom of the screen and keep your finger there. Rows of photos will quickly scroll up, and every photo in that row will be selected. (4) When you have selected enough photos, lift up your finger and tap Open on the top of the screen.



Users might be tempted to believe that Google does not want you to find your photos. Photos can be saved in many places on an Android phone, and you can upload them directly to dotphoto.com
Here is one path for finding and selecting your photos on an Android phone.

Run dotphoto.com in your phone's browser. When you tap Upload in dotphoto, choose Files at the bottom of the next screen:

Tap the three bar or "hamburger" menu in the upper left:

Scroll the left column down to Photos 

Choose Photos

Choose Photos at the top. This menu can also lead you to other types of images that you may have stored on your phone -- for instance, downloads or screenshots.

Now you can drag your finger over the photos you want to select. Once you have selected the photos, tap the Done button in the top right.

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