Text boxes are marked with a T. These can be single lines for short messages or boxes for a paragraph. Some designs have multiple text boxes on a page. Here is how to handle text in the dotPhoto Card Designer.

Click on the T to open the text box.

Type text into the box, and highlight it by either dragging the cursor over the text or double-clicking on it. Subsequent changes will not affect text that is not selected.

  • Choose text style from the drop-down box. In the example above, the text style has been changed to Script MJ Bold.
  • The AA button changes the size of the text: a slider drops down; sliding it to the right increases the size of the text.
  • U toggles the underline on and off.
  • The gold box in the example shows the current text color. Clicking on the box helps you select other text colors.
  • The next box enables textual alignment left, center or right.
  • A similar box enables textual alignment vertically. For a single line, centering vertically is usually the most pleasing.
  • If there are multiple text fields on a page, click on the right arrow to move to the next text field. Note that, in the example below, all text modification options are not available because the designer has established a certain look for this card.

  • When finished, click the Done button. If you are not pleased with the result, click on the text again to make further modifications.

The Final Result