We are incredibly sympathetic to anyone who is divorcing, and we want to help distribute your family's photos so that you and your children can preserve your memories.

While dotPhoto is bound by the code of law, which we discuss further below, we make these recommendations to divorcing couples:


Take the long view: today: divorce is very painful, and it is tempting to argue over photos. However, five years from now, you, your spouse, and your children will cherish these memories. Before you erase your account in anger, please consider distributing photos using one of these methods:

  • Download albums, and share them with your spouse. You can download albums by album in a Club Plan, and there is no charge.
  • Duplicate the account: the owner of the account can write to support@dotphoto.com from the email address on file to request a duplication of the account. There is a one-time $40 fee for this that includes a one year Club Membership. Both parties will have the same photos in their accounts, but can subsequently change their collection as they like.
  • Order your photos on an SD Card, and share a copy with your spouse.


dotPhoto must respect the Terms & Conditions that we have established for account control. It is impossible for us to adjudicate disputes between family members, corporate partners or other joint account holders, but we will respond immediately to any court order. In practice, it can take a long time to obtain a court order, so we urge divorcing couples to consider the recommendations above. Please bear in mind that some people have private accounts as well as family accounts; at dotPhoto, we do our best to help everyone maintain their private access

To send a court order to dotPhoto, please mail a true copy with a cover letter referencing the pertinent language in the court order and requesting specific actions that are supported by the court order. If you are requesting duplication services like those mentioned above, include a check for the services.  dotPhoto Mailing Address

We always recommend that you back up your photos outside of dotPhoto, which is why we offer free album downloads for Club Members and whole-account backup to SD Card.