Metallic Mounted Prints

"Chrome on paper" that floats off the wall

Metallic Mounted Prints combine the eye-popping appeal of metallic paper with an inexpensive wooden mount that makes your finest shots "float off the wall."

For your most stunning photos, this paper makes is almost 3D. You'll get extreme sharpness, brightness and color saturation with an intense black density. The proprietary laminate layers also increase the strength and tear resistance of the final print.

dotPhoto's metallic prints ;display images with exceptional depth and high-impact. Color photos are vibrant with flattering flesh tones; black-and-white scenes are stunning with dramatic impact and fluid contrast.

Metallic prints are ideal for portraits, sports, special events, wedding mementos, press photos, photo decor and retail display.


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NOTE: The difference between Metal Prints and Metallic Prints is that Metal Prints are printed on actual metal; Metallic Prints are printed on a special paper that has a metallic sheen, but Metallic Prints are paper prints.