German Etching Prints on 1" Black Standouts

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German Etching Paper is lightfast, acid-free, and crafted to resist deterioration for centuries.  The distinctive textured surface is made from 75% cotton and 25% high alpha cellulose. With its premium matte inkjet coating, German Etching meets the highest industry standards for density, color and image sharpness while preserving the special feel of genuine art paper.  Each German Etching Paper print is mounted on a solid, but lightweight black foam-core base that stands out from the wall 1” for a striking presentation.


  • Photo printed on archival quality German Etching Paper 
  • Paper made from 75% cotton and 25% high alpha cellulose
  • Sturdy, but lightweigh foam-core base
  • Stands out 1" from wall 
  • Ready to hang
  • Full bleed 
  • Sizes: 5"x7" to 24"x36"  
  • Optimal Resolution: 1500x2100 to 6000x6000
Optimal Resolution by Size 
5x7 1500x2100  
8x8 2400x2400  
8x10 2400x3000  
8x20 2400x6000  
11x14 3300x4200  
12x12 3600x3600  
16x20 4800x6000  
20x20 6000x6000  
20x30 4000X6000
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