Custom Canvas Prints, Museum Wraps, Gallery Wraps & Framed Canvases

The finest premium canvases anywhere -- sold only in dotPhoto's Custom Frame Store

Before going to the Frame Shop, choose a photo that you want to frame. Unless you choose a photo first, the custom frame shop has nothing to work with. Choose a photo by entering any album, and tapping the Check Box under the picture you are choosing.


  • Larger! Up to 42" on the longest side
  • Your own custom size! 10x36, 8x17, 42x40 -- whatever you need.
  • NOT limited to pre-cut frames or shapes. No cropping required!


  • Framing, glass and other options only available in the dotPhoto Custom Frame Store
  • In Museum Wrap, choose from regular bars (3/4") and deep bars (1.5") and one of 18 colors.
  • See exactly what you are buying before it is printed.
  • Four canvas printing options:

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