What's the difference between a custom framed print and a custom framed canvas?

Both can be made in the dotPhoto Custom Frame Shop. Search the dotPhoto Shop for "Custom Canvas" or "Custom Print."

Custom Print

  • Only prints allow you to use up to three mats around the image.
  • Only prints allow you to cover the image with glass or Plexiglas.
  • The framed print is the more traditional look with more framing options.

Custom Canvas

  • Does not allow the use of mats or glass/Plexiglas coverings.
  • Has a textured look.
  • Can be cheaper if you use the canvas museum wrap or gallery wrap: a frame holds the canvas from behind; there is no frame on top of the canvas.
  • The wrapped canvas has a contemporary look.
  • Three custom canvas options: (1) Museum wrap that stands out from the wall. You can choose a color for the edges. The museum wrap is slightly more expensive than the gallery wrap. (2) Gallery Wrap that stands out from the wall. The sides are a continuation of the image.Since the Gallery Wrap uses part of the photo for the sides that extend from the wall, the Gallery Wrap image does not show the entire image on the front. This is attractive as long as no important part of the image is toward the side. (3) Framed canvas, but without a glass or Plexiglas covering and without any mats.