Samsung Phone Cases

Slim, protective cases, and beautiful, double-layered, shatterproof cases with silicone rubber insert

You no longer have to choose between looking cool  and protecting your new phone. Protect and personalize at the same time!  Add photos, your initials, or even customized pieces to create a truly unique phone case. Easy access to ports, jacks and controls.

  • The Slim Case protects against minor scratches
  • The Rugged Case includes a rubber lining giving your phone extra protection. The hardened out shell surrounds a silicone rubber insert that protects from shock.

Print Sizes & Resolution

Cases are "full bleed": the picture runs slightly beyond the edge.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Slim Case 3.78” x 6.29” " Best Resolution: 1134 x 1887 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Slim Case 3.78” x 6.29” " Best Resolution: 1134 x 1887

Samsung Galaxy S7 Slim Case 4.4” x 7” " Best Resolution: 1320 x 2100

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rugged Case 4.4 x 7.7” " Best Resolution: 1320 x 2100