NOTE: If your photos are on iCloud, you may need to download them to your iPad first so that you can access them and upload them.

One easy way to upload is to use the free dotPhoto App for Apple available for download at the app store.

You can also upload directly from your iPad using the dotPhoto web upload:

  1. Click on the album into which you want to upload photos.
  2. Tap the Upload link on the left, then the Add Files button (1) and the Photo Library (2):
  3. Choose the place where your photos are stored -- usually on Camera Roll:


  4. Long-tap (hold your finger on) a thumbnail until a check mark appears indicating that you have selected that photo. When you are finished choosing photos, tap on Done.


  5. The file names appear in the list and a green Start Upload button appears at the bottom. Tap the green button to begin uploading the files.